Go Right
  • Breakfast with Santa

    The infant children had a very special start to the morning in the run up to Christmas with none other than Santa himself paying them a visit.
    The children all settled down in the hall to a delicious breakfast of toast, pancakes and juices, served by teachers and members of the friends association, before the sound of sleigh bells heralded the entrance of our special visitor. Once the children had welcomed Santa, he sat in his chair and invited each child to have their photograph taken and presented them with a selection box jam packed with Christmas treats.
    As you can tell [...]

  • Marvellous Marshmallows!

    Year 3 have been learning all about pyramids in their Pharaoh Way Land topic.
    They were set the challenge of making their own pyramids using marshmallows and spaghetti!

  • I’m a Year 5 Get Me Out of Heerrre!

    Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit from the Jungletrex Animal Road Show as they launched their rain forest topic in style.